Welcome To My Random Logs

This website will bring you to my random logs about my journey of life. Lot of memories has been passing by, bitter sweet. Some are written, some not. I have blogging since early of the internet era, circa 1996, before y2k.

Part of my journey, I also took some pictures, at least to my taste and opinion. Some caption on the picture represent the story behind the picture, and the meaning of it.

As a official staff in Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic Indonesia, my expertise are on Learning Outcome, Higher Education Regulation, Recognition Prior Learning, Degree Recognition from Foreign University, and involve in National Diploma and Certificate Numbering, Diploma Verification Electronically. My research interest in Digital Economy, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Market, and Semantic Web. I also an IT geek, which expert on Data Center (international certified), Infrastructure, and System Administration, Server Administration.


Let’s chat! As an official in Ministry of Education and Culture, researcher, lecturer, and a freelancer photographer, I’d love to help you tackle your issue about those things and ready to guide you to next venture.